Laurie Gavitt


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  1. Louise Fujioka Says:

    We live in California, but love the North-East sail scenes. Your Summer Sail painting is one of our favorites. Our next trip to the New York/Connecticut area is in June and am hoping that your work will be on display, either in Mystic or RI. Would you please provide your calendar of your showings?

    • lauriegavitt Says:

      Hi Louise, Well, as you can tell, I’m terrible about marketing my work, as most artists are. I missed your comment on my web/blog page. So sorry! But thank you for admiring my work! My main Gallery is always at the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, Westerly RI. I always have 2 to 6 or so paintings showing there. The shows change monthly, so I am always putting up new work, or rotating previous works at the gallery. Because of the economy seeming to pick up a bit again, I have noticed an increase in my sales of paintings. I do still have the original “Summer Sail” available still. It’s a framed and matted 11″ x 14″ size. In fact it’s hanging at this month’s gallery show now, for $200.00. I also have many prints for sale of many of my paintings. Also lot’s of cards with my paintings. I am not one a painters that has a regular show schedule. I also teach art part time and am in other occasional shows throughout the area. I am way too busy teaching, selling, and painting to have a show schedule at other places. I prefer not to do outdoor festivals. So this one gallery keeps me very busy.
      Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions. Again, thank you for admiring my work! Laurie Gavitt

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