About Me

My degree is from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. I also attended Endicott College in Beverly, Mass., majoring in Commercial Art with an Assoc. degree in the Arts. My education also included  watercolor and oil painting under various teachers. Being a graphic designer for 25 years gives me a strong background in design concepts. I previously was the in-house artist for the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium in Mystic, CT.  I  did a lot of illustrating of sea animals and fish.

Which brings me to my favorite subjects to paint:  seascapes and all things by the sea. Boats, beaches, marshes, people by the sea,  seashells, beach bathers, fishing shacks, and even flotsam and jetsam. I know my subjects well, as one should, if you are going to paint them. I live by the sea, and you can very often find me somewhere along the shoreline working on a painting.

Another special painting place for me are the New England Farmscapes. Old barns, stone walls, pastures, chickens, sunflowers, vegetable gardens, and anything old in the country. Other places I enjoy painting at, is  in Vermont,   Block Island, RI.,  and also the Maine Coast.

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